Share Control IFRS 16 provides control and security

The best solutions for IFRS 16 and Contract Management – Share Controls SharePoint Add-ins on Office 365

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Combine the best apps with powerful cloud services - deploy SharePoint Add-ins on Office 365

Digital solutions for your business. SharePoint on Office 365 is the platform for effective interaction. Completed professional solutions in SharePoint provide the desired structure and functionality. Get started with Add-ins easily and always have full insight and control.

ShareControl Board solution dares to be compared

Get control of your company's contracts and business documents with ShareContral Basic. Link board members to a board portal that provides them with relevant information. Implement ShareControl Board....

Therefore, you should replace Excel with a solution for IFRS 16 Leasing Agreement

For the management of leasing agreements and reporting in accordance with IFRS 16, you will notice over time that Excel is not optimal and not completely reliable. It should be easy to collect info...


From January 1, 2019, all listed companies are required to comply with IFRS 16, and for this they need a solution. ShareControl has developed a solution, integrated in Office 365, available in the ALS...

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Frosunda Omsorg
"Makes Sanity checks!" I feel confident when the information in the Share Control IFRS 16 solution matches Crosscheck's data!
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